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Commonwealth of Virginia recycles concrete for cash
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The demolition of an old laboratory in Richmond, Va., created an opportunity for the Commonwealth of Virginia to use recycled concrete to construct a new parking garage and save money in the process.
When the Commonwealth of Virginia tore down an old laboratory building in Richmond to build a parking garage, they wanted to save money for their taxpayers in the process.

The Commonwealth devised a plan to save money by recycling the concrete on-site and using it to build the new parking garage.

A Caterpillar 330 B heavy front-end loader crushed 12,750 tons of concrete from the original structure. The recycled concrete was used as backfill for the new parking garage.

By recycling the concrete on-site, it avoided the added cost of hauling away the old concrete and did not need to purchase new concrete to complete the project.

The Commonwealth of Virginia saved nearly half a million dollars by using the recycled concrete from the old laboratory for construction of the new parking garage.

Project Team:

Engineers: Commonwealth of Virginia Department of General Services